I have set up this page to pay tribute to my dog Pearl,
and to all the people I have to thank for bringing her
and keeping her into our lives for a wonderful 13 years.

Unfortunatly for those close to us, you may know that
she lost her 4 month battle with cancer on Sunday morning June 3rd 2012.

We had the "MWV Mobile Veterinary Clinic" come to
our house to give her an easy passing.
I would especially like to thank Dr. Sandy Brown
for her kind words to not only our family, at this
very sad and somber moment, but also her peaceful
words to Pearl as she passed into the next world.

We would also like to thank the
for allow us to adopt her back in 1999.
Anyone who knew Pearl and would like to honor her memory
feel free to go to Harvest Hills and donate money
or supplies in Pearls name.

In coming weeks and months I will be posting photos of
Pearl and our family. You will see how her life
enriched ours and even though we are all still
saddened by her passing, we have many wonderful memories
that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

And finally we also need to credit the
"Fryburg Veterinary Hospital"
for trying to keep her here with us for as long as
they could, without their kind efforts,
Pearl would have gone months ago.
Thank you Dr. Steven Caffrey and your staff.

Created & Published by: my buddy Patrick Smith April 24, 1998
Maintained and Updated by Charlie Ramsdell July 7th 2005